Tuition Enrollment

No person is charged tuition for admission or enrollment in the King William County Public Schools, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, who is eligible for admission under Policies JEC School Admission or JECA Admission of Homeless Children. School officials do not inquire into the student’s citizenship or visa status in determining eligibility for tuition-free enrollment in the King William County Public Schools.

In accordance with Policies JEC and JEC-R, however, the school division may admit and charge tuition to a student who:

  1. Is a resident of the school division but not of school age;
  2. Is of school age and not a resident of Virginia but is temporarily living with a non-parent who resides within the school division;
  3. Is of school age and resides beyond the boundaries of Virginia but near thereto in state or the District of Columbia which grants equal attendance privileges to residents of the Commonwealth;
  4. Is of school age and resides on a military or naval reservation located wholly or partly within the geographical boundaries of the school division, is not a domiciled resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is a student for whom federal funds provided under Public Law 874 of 1950, commonly known as Impact Aid, fund less than 50 percent of the total per capita cost of education in King William County Public Schools exclusive of capital outlay and debt service; such students shall be eligible for interscholastic programs immediately upon enrollment, provided that such persons (i) satisfy all other requirements for eligibility and (ii) are dependents of a military service member required by the military to live on the military installation as evidenced by a statement on command letterhead signed by, or by direction of, the service member’s commanding officer;
  5. Is of school age and attending a school in the division pursuant to a foreign student exchange program approved by the School Board;
  6. Is a resident of the Commonwealth but not of the school division, except as provided in Policy JEC School Admission;
  7. Is of school age and was enrolled in a public school within the division as a domiciled resident of the Commonwealth, and has been required as a result of military or federal orders issued to their parents to relocate and reside on federal property in another state or the District of Columbia, where such state or the District of Columbia is contiguous to the school division; or
  8. Is of school age and residing within the school division, and is enrolled in summer programs other than remediation required under Va. Code § 22.1- 253:13.1, or is enrolled in local initiatives or programs not required by the Standards of Quality or the Standards of Accreditation.

The following category(ies) of students are eligible for consideration for admission: non-resident students and students of full-time employees who reside outside King William County (stepchildren, natural or adopted children who actually reside in the home of the employee) who require educational services that can be provided by the staff of the King William County School Board in its existing facilities and utilizing its existing programs and services, and comply with the Code of Student Conduct. Eligibility for consideration does not signify acceptance of the admission application of a student. Each application for admission will be considered on an individual basis. The residency of persons in the above categories who reside in housing or temporary shelter, or on property located in multiple jurisdictions, shall be determined in the manner set forth in Policy JEC School Admission.

Foreign students in an J-1 immigration status or who obtain J-1 student visas are not admitted in the division’s elementary schools or publicly funded adult education programs. Such students may be admitted, for a period up to twelve months, in the division’s secondary schools only if they pre-pay the full, unsubsidized per capita cost of the education.

For more information regarding tuition enrollment, contact Mrs. Amber Hutcherson at [email protected]


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